Freddy Harteis

Host & Producer

Freddy has been a professional hunter, passionate outdoorsman, conservationist and television personality/producer for more than a decade. He has guided & hosted adventures on the Harteis Ranch; a spectacular hunting outfit located in southern Colorado. Freddy’s personal hunting experiences include travel to the remotest, wildest and most beautiful reaches of the world. He is a world class archer and has brought down some of the worlds most dangerous game with just his stick and string. Freddy has successfully produced and hosted the Hollywood Hunter television series for the past eight years and only plans to continue forward with the quality of his productions. He is the founder of the Big Fred Tribute, an annual event fundraiser that supports amazing charities such as The Tiegen Foundation, The Way Outfitters, Fathers In the Field, and the American Heart Association. He has raised more than $100,000.00 for these great causes and is on a mission to continue giving back. "It’s the heart of the hunt that matters most." Freddy says. Follow his socials for NEW content daily...don't miss out!

The Hollywood Hunter can be seen on the following networks and sites: Pursuit Channel, WildTV, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Clint Easley


Known to never have a bad day, you will always find Clint with a smile on his face and ready to go all out. “Every day in God’s great outdoors getting to pursue your passion is worth smiling for!” He is an incredibly hard worker, adventure junkie, detailed, professional photographer, camera operator, producer, and Freddy’s right hand man. Though born and raised a total country boy, Clint was living in Los Angeles when he met Freddy by complete accident during a hike in Hollywood with his camera in hand. Low and behold he never imagined that moment would transition his entire career into working with the Hollywood Hunter for what is now his 9th year. “My heart is in the outdoor industry and working with the HH team has been an absolute blessing; and am grateful for this opportunity.” 


Instagram @PeakPhotography / Facebook @PeakPhotographyCE

Taylor Nida


Taylor Nida is a professional post-production editor from Los Angeles working in film, television, trailers, and reels. In 2013 he has been part of the Hollywood Hunter Team editing together the adventures of Freddy Harteis and Thunderpants across the globe.
Working with the Hollywood Hunter Team has been a fulfilling, professional experience for Taylor. The bigger the hunt, the better the challenge as the editor.

Michael Short (aka: Thunder)


Camera man Michael Short joins Freddy and his team to document the hunt and at time adds his own cometic commentary. Nicked name "Thunder Pants" in the early seasons of the "Hollywood Hunter”, Michael has endured the elements around the world with Freddy and been along for many ups and downs as the show continues to grow. A close friend of the family and one of the Hollywood Hunters most trusted team members.

Benmont Locker


Benmont has worked in the outdoor industry for over a decade. Developing multiple brands, key account relationships, private label product programs and an abundance of media projects in-between. Initially starting as a sponsor of the Hollywood Hunter Season 1, Benmont saw the vision of Freddy and jumped on board to help execute his dream.

Aaron Kimbro


Raised in Los Angeles and coming from a military family, Aaron enjoys using his voice each year to honor veterans in various Memorial Day services around our country. His voice work is his passion and also his gift to help others. Aaron looks forward to working on the team with Hollywood Hunter as the new voice for Season 7. 

Lauren Silvers


Lauren Silvers is a Pennsylvania resident with an extensive background in technical, grant and promotional writing.  She has worked the past several years in commercial video production and project management for both agencies and as an independent contractor. She has a passion for telling the stories of everyday people and their businesses and a wonderful asset to the HH team.