ProStaff Team



Matt Lingle

Matt Lingle is Freddy’s best friend from college and a successful business owner. You will often times find him traveling with Freddy to far flung destinations in pursuit of exotic species and adventures. He’s a wonderful leader, passionate outdoorsman and class act to have along for the hunts. We love watching him get fired up!

Steve Hager

Steve Hager is one of our lead team members at Harteis Ranch and an expert guide with 20+ years experience in the field. He has helped hundreds of clients attain their hunting goals and is an absolute stand out gentleman. 

Darren Newsom


Roc Brescia

Roc Brescia is not your average hunter. This boy carries his charisma with him wherever he goes. He’s Freddy’s youngest nephew and harvested his first whitetail deer at 3 years old. Roc is the leader of the pack, fearless, and adorably outgoing…ladies beware, there’s a new Maverick in town!

Kurt Stoner

Kurt Stoner in simple terms is the man! Any dude that has the respect to refer to his wife as “The Queen” deserves to be crowned beside her. Kurt goes above and beyond to help us keep our marketing edge sharp with his knack for thinking outside the box while bringing masterful designs to life through his world famous company Stoner Graphix. He’s got the hunting bug in his blood and we are proud to have him on the team.